Who I’m


When I was a child, I used to observe my relatives delighting in black and white photography and

development in darkroom. Those gestures, those images slowly appearing, like magic, left a mark in

me and made me desire that familiar passion becoming a profession. That’s why I studied the basics

of photography, then refined the techniques and now I’m aware and professional. In these years,

I constantly update on industry news, facilities, methodologies and post production (retouching)

techniques, to offer you an up-to-date service for your wedding. In my opinion indeed, a picture is

never ever similar to another… I like to put my experience and my soul in every photo shoot, giving

unique features to each image, as unique you are. I can therefore offer you a very adaptive photo

shoot, ranging from a reportage to a traditional style. I also love taking pictures of my landscapes:

Siena, Chianti, Crete and the whole Tuscany. My knowledge of the territory and his more charming

views let me take your wedding pictures in absolutely romantic and unique locations.